Don Campion - President - Banyan Air Services

Presenting our 2023 Keynote Speaker:

Don Campion – President
Banyan Air Services – Ft Lauderdale FL


Guest Speaker:  Don Campion, President Banyan Air Services

Don Campion was born a missionary kid in Nigeria, West Africa, where he routinely flew aboard Cessna and Piper aircraft to attend classes at a Protestant American boarding school. He grew up in an environment where they installed their own electric generators, wells for water, built their own homes and furniture as they lived alongside the nationals.

Don moved to Toronto, Canada where he attended Seneca College, a four-year aviation course which also included a commercial, multiengine pilot’s license then followed by one year of aircraft maintenance, which would later prove to help him in the founding of Banyan Air Service.

In 1979, Don moved to South Florida having seen the aviation opportunities available to a young person with a passion to grow in the aviation field. Within weeks he contracted as a co-pilot for a small charter operation flying primarily to the Bahamas. As a charter pilot, Don quickly realized there was an opportunity for a maintenance facility to service the aircraft he was flying and that of other similar charter companies.

With one small hangar, one friend, and two employees, he began servicing aircraft at Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport establishing Banyan Air Service.

Now with over 160 teammates, Don views his job as a coach. He strives to find people who love aviation, people who will accept responsibility for the company’s success and discipline themselves to grow using their God-given talents in a fun environment that pursues operational excellence.

Don is driven by the values of focusing on the customer, honesty, teamwork, and believes that God blesses people and businesses that honor Him.

Don served on the NATA Board from 1999 to 2002, is president of the FXE Airport Association, and serves on the Everglades University Aviation’s Program Advisory Committee. In June 2009, he was inducted into the Florida Aviation Trades Association Entrepreneurial Excellence Hall of Fame.